Project Management Consulting

Project Management Consulting for the International Pharmaceutical Industry

When your pharmaceutical company consults with 1to1to1, there is a focus on change management and introducing new Project Management tools and procedures. We give you expert help in all aspects of drug development and research. These can include:

  • Identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Stake holder management
  • Earned Vale Management – the best way to monitor project progress
  • Project Risk Analysis and Management (PRAM), including risk identification, devising costing plans to deal with the threats and the opportunities and helping you develop robust risk and issue logs.
  • Project Quality Management
  • The development of a resourcing tool for a pre-clinical group
  • Scheduling by defining the timelines, from milestone to tracking Gantt charts
  • Procurement – how to select your CRO supplier

Of course this isn’t a definitive list of the clinical research Project Management consulting services we have to offer. There are many more organisation and communication skills that we can advise you on, which are designed to elevate your technical competences as a CRO or pharmaceutical company.

Why choose us?

  • Increase transparency on project costs, progress, and forecasts
  • Have a clearer idea of the role of a Project Manager
  • Get important performance tools to help with your Project Management
  • Increased confidence in your own abilities
  • Improved relationships with suppliers/sponsors
  • Better information on how to run successful projects
  • Better value for money in clinical trials

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