Training Management

1to1to1 offers training tailored to meet your specific needs in all of the aspects of project management in clinical research from procurement to closeout. The training is delivered by consultants that understand both project management and the pharmaceutical industry. We will not ask you to plan a wedding or construct a shed; our examples will be focused on clinical research examples that are important to you. Training should be enjoyable and interactive people learn better when the experience is positive. We are happy to provide templates and examples for future reference.
We can train and mentor on a one-to-one of provide more generic training for larger groups.

The biggest problem with training is implementation. You come back from a workshop full of ideas and good intentions, but it is difficult to find the time to put these good ideas into practice. At 1to1to1 we recommend including an implementation day with our various training courses. Our trainers have considerable experience in the pharmaceutical industry and will spend the day, often in one to one sessions helping you get those good ideas off the ground. The implementation day can be scheduled any time after the workshop, but we recommend that it is within four weeks of the original training. Training is not just about updating your CV it is about making your organisation more effective.

International Clinical Research Project Management Training

There are a lot of Project Management training providers out there, but most are too generic to give your pharmaceutical company or CRO the leverage it needs to thrive. At 1to1to1, we have unrivalled experience in clinical research Project Management training , which will help you to run successful clinical projects and get value for money in clinical trials. Our private or public training sessions are available to companies across the world.

Our training is focused on providing relevant information that can easily be applied to your day-to-day work. This is not about ticking the training box and never applying what you have learnt. We will tailor the training to your requirements by using relevant examples based on our long history of working in clinical research.

You can choose between either one-to-one mentoring, or workshops that embrace a larger number of staff. These can be formal, interactive and entertaining or a combination of all three.

Putting your training into practice;

The biggest hurdle of effective training is implementation. We offer help with implementation based on Kurt Lewin model i.e.

1) The first stage is called “unfreezing” and is designed to overcome the Status Quo bias; an irrational desire, which is present to some extent in all of us, to keep things much the same as they are.

2) The second stage is defining what we are going to do that is different and better.

3) The third stage, which is often called re-freezing, puts processes in place that in due course will become new Status Quo.

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Interim Management Consultants UK

If your pharmaceutical company or CRO requires a bit more than consultancy, we can also help with providing interim management solutions to cover those urgent and unexpected resource needs. We can provide:

  • Clinical operations managers
  • Programme and project managers
  • Outsourcing manager
  • Contract managers
  • CRA managers

Why choose us?

  • Our 24 years’ experience in these areas of the clinical research industry means that we can usually hit the ground running.
  • Increase transparency on project costs, progress, and forecasts
  • Get important performance tools to help with your Project Management
  • Increased confidence in the smooth management of your operations
  • Better information on how to run successful projects
  • Better value for money in clinical trials

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